Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How We're Going to Get Around Town

Here's all the information you needed to know about
So in Scotland they have these buses called
which are basically buses that will take you places in exchange for a small fee. In our case, that small fee is
as long as you bring your Hill Card to Scotland to prove you're a student. Otherwise it's like 15 a week or something.

Once we get there we're get there we're going to have to walk to one of the stations (Google Maps says 6 minutes) to get our little passes. Then we'll be able to take the M line into the inner city area. The M line is the same distance from the flat on 12 Castle Street as the 27 W Maitland Street flat is. So it shouldn't be that bad.

here's the website if you care:

I'm also supposed to remind you that the weather will be different there so you should bring an umbrella and that you can have people come visit as long as they aren't
"a distraction" <--Mark's word not mine...