Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mark got us sweet awesome Walkie Talkies to use when we're in Scotland so that we can communicate between the two flats. (We also have a designated person in each flat who has a European phone plan that we can contact in case of emergency, but in non-emergency cases, we'll save a few quid by using these).

Don't forget, however, that we are actors--and that as such, we may be a bit over-dramatic. In celebration of such over-dramatism, we decided to create codenames for ourselves. And the names are...(drumroll)

Gabe- Raging Bull

Sarah- Perspicacity

Kathryn- Purple Osprey

Ryan- Brass Tenner

Adam- Wizard Overlord

Mark- Special Dark Chocolate

Laura- Yellow Dolphin

Christian- Rev.

KB- Flying Witchdoctor

Higgy- Zombie Forgemaster

Isidro- Superman

Anthony- Mack Daddy Son

Ileana- Zelda Gnome Wrangler

Someone suggested character names, but I had to remind them that we aren't in Chicago 1927--We're in Edinburgh, Scotland 2010!!! Or at least we will be, and personally, I can't wait!

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