Thursday, August 5, 2010


I wanted to entitle this blog post "Runs," but then I worried that it might give the wrong impression as to the topic of the post. As it is, none of our home-made group meals have made anyone sick so far, and we have just started intensively running the show.

We wake up in the morning. Show up to rehearsal. Eat snacks. Run the show.

Get notes. Eat lunch. Come back to rehearsal. Run the show.

Go home. Cook/eat group dinner. Prepare for tomorrow when we'll.... Run the show.

It may seem tedious to someone who isn't involved in the process, but doing a bunch of full run-throughs of the show really gives us an opportunity to work in a way that you just can't when you're stopping all the time to make adjustments and change blocking.

People are becoming more confident with their lines and blocking, and we're beginning to see the full picture emerge from this show. Characters are becoming more solid and (forgive me, every acting teacher I ever had) real. We're working on actually listening to one another and engaging ourselves in scenes. Soon we'll be running the show for an audience, and I know that if we keep improving at the rate that we have since returning only four days ago, that audience will be completely blown away.

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