Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh The Places You WONT GO DUE TO DELAYS...

After diligently devoting so much time and effort into this comedic yet gut wrenching tale of Ma Rainey and her infamous back bottom, the dream team seemed to have a little trouble getting out of Syracuse. The cast had boarded the small plane expecting to take off on time and catch their connecting flight to Edinburgh with plenty of wiggle room. Yet that was not the case. The Flight CO 8690 W out of Syracuse was suffering from electrical problems just moments before take off. The cast tried to remain positive when the captain explained that all of the technical support staff at the airport was released early and that it would take at least an hour to correct the issue. Yet the heat and possibility of missing their flight out of the country had gotten the best of them. But after waiting about 40 minutes, the captain then announced that there was never a problem and that the plane would be taking off soon.

Once at Newark-Liberty International, the cast booked it to the terminal of the connecting flight, believing that they had only 10 minuets to make the plane. Luckily technical difficulties seemed to be the trend, because flight CO 36 W to Scotland was not going anywhere until the bathrooms and air conditioning was working properly. Yet after things were all straightened out, the 6 hour flight was well on its way.

All that to say... no fear, we're here... with jet lagged actors, limited cell phone service and a tech rehearsal in the dead of the night. Who's ready to see how this goes tomorrow night?!?

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