Monday, August 2, 2010

Ileana's Blog for the day! food and fun!

Today was quite the busy day. On the top of the list would be that today was my first 'stage' rehearsal with the rest on the cast. The play was re-blocked entirely... not that it would have affected me since I'm one of the new cast members. Another big thing that happened would be that we finally get to eat at one of our college's dinning halls! YAY for food!! ... but... it is only open for lunch... Booooo! So several of our cast members went grocery shopping and now all that food is sitting in my fridge... and no, I'm not gonna eat it... its safe. (tears*)
So, somehow during the day, it was decided that now we should all have a code name for when speaking on the walkie talkies. So far I've heard some interesting names and it seems that mine is now one that's somewhat inappropriate... which I totally don't mind.
After rehearsal, most of the group went over to Gabe's place. There we ate dinner, played games, some swam, and enjoyed each others' company while occasionally being serenaded. It seems that we may go back to his place for a small, coordinated house party this Thursday; and this time I'll remember to bring my swimsuit. [Thanks Gabe for being so hospitable!] After that, a group of us went back to campus, making a pit stop at Walmart. And now, I am in my room... tired... sleepy... and typing this blog entry.
I really enjoyed the great bonding we all did today and I can't wait to be in Edinburgh with everyone. The cast is such an amazing group of people; I know I will never forget these next couple of weeks that I get to share with them.

-Ileana Becerra

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